Watch UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2 PPV Live Stream

How to Watch UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2 Live Stream Online

Event: UFC 232: “Jones vs. Gustafsson 2”
Date: Sat., Dec. 29, 2018
Location: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
Broadcast: Pay-per-view (PPV), FOX Sports 1, UFC Fight Pass

Jones vs Gustafsson 2 is going to be one of the most exciting UFC bouts of 2018. Jones and Gustafsson had one of the best UFC bouts back in 2013 and fans have been begging for a rematch ever since. Daniel Cormier will be stripped of his light heavyweight title so that Jones and Gustafsson can fight for the title and increase the stakes for the fight. Jones is coming back for his first fight since 2017 when he tested positive for a banned substance in July 2017 and received a 115-month ban from the sport.

Gustafsson was the first UFC fighter to take down Jones in his career. Gustafsson dominated the first few rounds of the match and gave Jones a cut above his right eye. Jones rallied back in the final three rounds of the fight and ended up winning by unanimous decision.

Jones vs Gustafsson 2 will a match that every UFC fan tunes in for and it will certainly not disappoint. Jones will be ready for Gustafsson this time and he will not hold back from the beginning in this fight. Be ready for an all-out brawl that will be one of the best UFC bouts of the year. Here we discuss the live streaming information of UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson fight. You aslo can watch this fight on Pay-per-view (PPV) on UFC Fight Pass. Check your local provider to find where you can watch Jones vs Gustafsson 2.

About Jon Jones

Jon Jones is known as one of the greatest UFC fighters in the history of the sport. In March 2011, at the age of 23 he became UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and was the youngest champion that UFC had ever had. Jones was the first UFC fighter ever to be sponsored internationally by Nike. Jones has a current record of 22 – 1 – 0 and had a winning streak of 13 straight matches from 2010 to 2017.

About Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson was born in Sweden and began his MMA career in 2006 at the age of 19. Gustafsson is best known for his hard title challenge against Jon Jones in 2013 where Gustafsson took on Jones in what is known as one of the best light heavyweight fights of all time. Gustafsson is currently the #1 contender in the official UFC light heavyweight rankings.

What date will the UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2 start

UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2 will be on December 29th, 2018. It is the perfect date for this match as it is right between Christmas and New Year’s Eve so there will be plenty of people watching.

Where will the rematch be held

Jones vs Gustafsson 2 is going to be held in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena. The T-Mobile Arena is the best place for this matchup as all of the biggest names in entertainment will be at the fight.

Why the rematch

Jones and Gustafsson have been asking for a rematch since 2013 and Dana White has been attempting to orchestrate the rematch since then. There have been a few issues with scheduling the rematch. The rematch was originally scheduled for September 2014 but Gustafsson tore his right meniscus and lateral collateral ligament which pushed the rematch back.

UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson

The first time Jones and Gustafsson fought was back in September of 2013 and originally Jones was supposed to dominate the fight. But to the surprise of everyone watching, Gustafsson became the first UFC fighter to take down Jones. Jones fought back over the next few rounds and out landed Gustafsson 137-114 and ended up winning by unanimous decision. The fight was crowned as the UFC fight of the year. Since then fans and the UFC have wanted a rematch to try and capture the greatness of the fight again.

UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2 Live Stream

You can stream the Jones vs Gustafsson 2 fight on most streaming devices. You can easily use the website UFC.TV to watch the fight over any device whether it be smartphone, tablet, smart TV or any smart device that has the capability to stream the fight. Check out UFC’s official website for every single device that can live stream the match on Fight Pass.


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